DPAM’s best ideas

With the specialised global Multi-Asset selection, DPAM assists institutional clients in finding their optimal strategic asset allocation. Balanced portfolios require extensive knowledge when it comes to tactical asset allocation, security selection and portfolio construction. The in-house Asset Allocation Committee, which brings together experienced DPAM professionals, provides invaluable input.



Conviction & Global Balanced 

These strategies invest in direct lines and involve conviction-driven investment decisions. A Sustainable strategy is available for investors seeking a Responsible Investment Conviction Global Balanced expertise.

Global Target Income

This strategy aims to pay out a regular dividend. It optimizes risk and returns with the help of a sophisticated proprietary model.


The solutions include the Asymmetric and the Patrimonial strategies. While these strategies are well diversified across global asset classes and seek to limit the drawdowns and to grow capital over the long term, the Asymmetric solution relies on a proprietary quantitative model, while the Patrimonial strategies mostly apply a fundamental approach.